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If you could do a TedTalk on anything what would it be on?

On today’s pod, we feature an exceptional female entrepreneur, who’s also an investor, advisor, board member, and mum of 3. We’re excited to celebrate International Women’s Day this year with a brilliant guest, Jane Martino.

Melbourne local, Jane Martino has had an impressive career so far, and she’s only just getting started. Recently appointed as Executive Director – Ventures for VC firm, Light Warrior, Jane has a passion for investing and advising early stage ventures and businesses particularly in the areas of health/wellness, consumer, retail & FMCG and those with a social impact.

Previous to this, Jane was CEO of Unlockd, which raised $40M, and also built a number of dynamic businesses, two of which had successful exits: Undertow Media, acquired by Bastion Collective, and Shout, acquired by ANZ Bank. Her third business, the non-for-profit, Smiling Mind, a program centred around delivering free online mindfulness meditation programs, has now over 3 million users globally.

In this ep, Jane shares some excellent advice on managing time and getting shit done, all whilst juggling the job of an investor and spending time with her family. She highlights the importance and daily repetition of meditation and mindfulness, which became not only the inspiration for Smiling Mind, but something Jane also championed for school curriculums.

Jane also discussed some of the key necessities she looks for as an investor, plus her key attributes which she believes is important for all founders to have. If you’re in need of a little inspiration, Jane is a delightful guest and a brilliant startup leader to learn from.

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