Luke developed SafetyCulture after 7 years working in the workers compensation industry. His focus on solving industry problems is evident as far back as 2004, when he developed a system to provide generic safe work method statements for the construction industry in Australia. He reduced the cost...
-Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Friedman
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-Sydney Morning Herald
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-Elon Musk
-Jeff Bezos
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In this episode, Phaedon chats with Luke Anear, founder and CEO of SafetyCulture. Luke founded SafetyCulture in his garage in Townsville back in 2004 and has scaled the company globally, attracting thousands of customers from a wide range of industries and completing millions of inspections with SafetyCulture’s iAuditor app. The last time we interviewed Luke was October 2017. Since the last time we spoke:

  1. Luke has grown the team from around 140 people to just over 360.
  2. His customer base grew from 11,500 to 27,000 customers
  3. Safety Culture’s market valuation has grown to $1B


In this conversation, we dive into many different aspects of scaling up a business including Luke’s shifting responsibilities as CEO, maintaining culture throughout growth, building a board, establishing a recruitment function, the importance of having a coach, and making customer engagement a central focus. We know you’ll enjoy hearing about this dynamic founder’s journey.

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