Fred is the co-founder and director of finder.com.au – one of Australia's largest comparison websites – which receives more than 4 million visits each month. At just 26 years of age, Fred entered the comparison market, one of the most highly competitive online categories in Australia. Following i...
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman
News Source
WhatsApp (people send him news, particularly stock traders)
Standing desks
Favourite Tech CEO / Founder
Goes through phases of all different kinds of CEOs. Some current favourites: Jack Dorsey (Twitter), Tobias Lütke (Shopify)
If you could do a TedTalk on anything what would it be on?
How to be a Rockstar CEO & Win: "You don't need to be a straightlaced suit CEO to still create a great company. Being different and innovating can help you win."

Fred Schebesta is a serial entrepreneur, best known for co-founding finder.com, one of the world’s leading comparison websites. Before launching Finder, he started Freestyle Media, a successful digital marketing agency, while at uni. In 2007, Freestyle was sold to a public company and the funds were used to start Finder.com. Fred, with his co-founder Frank Restuccia and later Jeremy Cabral (COO), have grown Finder organically without funding to $100M+ revenue, 1,000+ products on the platform, 83 countries, and 360 employees around the world.

In this episode, Fred discusses:

-His entrepreneurial journey from Freestyle Media to Finder

-Observations and predictions for how life and business will change post-COVID

-How Finder is constantly reinventing itself to stay alive

-His advice for managing the co-founder relationship


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