David, emigrated from South Africa in 1986 and 9 months later founded Com Tech Communications as a specialist supplier of networking and communications products. 14 years later, Com Tech was sold to Dimension Data at an enterprise value of over $1bil. At the time of sale, Com Tech employed over 1...
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Favourite Tech CEO / Founder
• Satya Nadella of Microsoft
• Elon Musk of Tesla
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David Shein first emigrated from South Africa to Australia in 1986. 9 months after touching down he founded his company Com Tech, a specialist supplier of networking and communications products. He grew the business for 14 years and eventually sold it to Dimension Data for over $1bil. At the time of David’s exit, Com Tech employed over 1,400 people, had offices Australia wide, and achieved revenues of $700 million. After leaving Com Tech, David transitioned into becoming an investor and mentor to a number of startups. He is the GP and cofounder of Our Innovation Fund, an early stage venture capital fund that invests in exciting Australian startups, as well as a founding partner in the Israeli Venture Capital enterprise, OurCrowd, the first Global Equity Based Crowd Funding Platform.
In this episode, David discusses:
-Where his love of mentoring startups comes from
-Why he feels lucky to have landed a terrible job when he first arrived in Australia
-How customer service fueled his company’s growth
-Why he was called a “one minute manager”
-The challenge of transitioning out of the role of founder after exiting
-His philosophy towards the investor-founder relationship
…and a whole lot more! Ian loved having a chat with David and we think you’ll love giving it a listen.

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