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September 2020

E96 – David Walsh, CIM

Large buildings are both economically and environmentally costly to operate. David Walsh saw lots of data flowing in and around these inefficient buildings but there was no focus on using this data to find or fix the root causes of wastage. That’s why he founded CIM in 2013. CIM’s platform…

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OTPBD News Special – 8th September

Welcome to the OTPBD News Special, our fortnightly series analysing the news that matters for Australian and Kiwi startups. Meet the panel… Founder: Emma Weston, AgriDigital Investor: Craig Blair, AirTree Ventures Ecosystem Leader: Michael Bakto, Startmate Topics we discuss: Some of the biggest headlines our panel discussed include the federal…

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E95 – Olivia Humphrey, Kanopy

Olivia Humphrey is the founder, former CEO, and current executive chairman of Kanopy, the award-winning video streaming service for universities and libraries. She worked in media rights management at the BBC and Village Roadshow for 10 years before founding Kanopy in Perth back in 2008. After growing the business for…

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E94 – Olympia Yarger, GoTerra

Olympia Yarger, founder and CEO of GoTerra, is converting food waste into livestock feed by using robots, AI, and maggots. Yes, maggots. After years of working across many different agriculture sectors, Olympia knew she wanted to find a new way to help farmers and make farms more efficient. It was…

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