Melissa Widner is the CEO of Lighter Capital, the pioneer and leading provider of revenue based financing to SAAS companies. She has a deep understanding of the entrepreneur's journey and the importance of growth capital. Previously she was the Managing Director of NAB Ventures, the venture capi...
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Today’s guest is Melissa Widner, an experienced founder, CEO, investor and board member. She very recently left NAB Ventures to join Lighter Capital, one of NAB’s portfolio companies, as CEO. Lighter Capital is the pioneer and leading provider of revenue-based financing to SAAS companies. Prior to Lighter and NAB, she was the General Partner at SeaPoint Ventures, a US-based venture capital firm and was CEO of 7Software and Northwest Supply where under her leadership, both companies generated over a 10X return to investors. In 2009, Melissa relocated to Sydney with her Australian husband. One year later, Melissa co-founded Heads Over Heels, an organisation that works with female entrepreneurs leading companies with high growth potential.

In this conversation with Ian, Melissa discusses:

  • Why NAB is such a breeding ground for great VC talent
  • How starting a hair bow business in university led to landing a CEO role right out of college at an industrial supply company
  • Why 7Software’s acquisition taught her the importance of timing
  • How Heads Over Heels accelerates the networks of female entrepreneurs
  • Why she left her Managing Partner role at NAB Ventures for CEO role at Lighter Capital
  • How Lighter is coping with COVID-19
  • Why she decided to join our Summit Club peer group for founders

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