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Welcome to a fresh edition of the OTPBD News Special, our fortnightly series analysing the news that matters for Australian and Kiwi startups.

Meet this week’s panel…

  • Sam Wong, Blackbird
  • Bronwen Clune, Inkl
  • Mick Liubinskas, Director of Product and Growth for BCG Digital Ventures and Author of She’s Building A Robot!

Topics we discuss:

As always, we cover recent local and global deals like 99designs being acquired by Vistaprint, an oversubscribed Epi Minder Series A, Hopin raising a new round at a valuation of as much as $2 billion, and two new deals from agtech-focused VC firm Tenacious Ventures. The panel discusses whether COVID-19 is accelerating reverse brain drain with more Aussies and Kiwis flocking home, the decline in funding for female founders shown in Quarterly VC’s funding report, a recent instance of Facebook and Twitter cracking down on fake news and what measures can be taken to regulate the role social media plays in society, à la Social Dilemma. We also talk about a splash for cash for science and tech in the federal government budget, Startmate’s first all virtual cohort, and progress on renewables, with renewables reaching 100% demand in SA for the first time ever.

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