Rebecca Wilson is the founder and publisher of Starts at 60. The daughter of two baby boomers, she has built the online community for over 60s by listening carefully to the issues and seeking out answers, insights and information for over 60s throughout Australia. Rebecca is an experienced market...


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Welcome to the latest edition of the OTPBD News Special, our fortnightly series analysing the news that matters for Australian and Kiwi startups.

Meet this week’s panel…

  • Rebecca Wilson, Starts at 60
  • Justin Lipman, EVP
  • Jodie Imam, SBE Australia

Topics we discuss:

In this news special we cover Adore Beauty’s ASX debut, lots of recent local raises from the likes of Linktree, Sundrive, Zero Co, v2food, and SafetyCulture and the downfall of Quibi. Elections are up for discussion, including how the outcome of the US election could affect local startups and the results of the Queensland election. We also discuss Antler Sydney’s hot streak and the arrival of the “no-code” generation.

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