Nick Carter is responsible for Energy Tech and Solutions in Australia at Macquarie. Nick joined Macquarie in November 2018 from Tesla where he managed a business development and sales team for a wide variety of software and energy hardware products across multiple markets and segments including l...
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Elon Musk
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"The energy transition in the context of climate resilience"

Nick Carter is one of Australia’s leading energy experts; he is currently Senior Vice President of Energy Tech and Solutions at Macquarie in Australia where works across a range of areas, from energy storage to renewable energy. He is an engineer by trade and has worked around the world for companies like Toyota, General Motors and Tesla. Nick has a real passion for electric vehicles (EVs) and this episode heavily focuses on the future of electronic vehicles in Australia.

Some topics Nick covers in this conversation with Phaedon include:

  • Big changes in the EV space from the past year
  • How autonomous vehicles relate to electric vehicles
  • Electrification of the transport system and the opportunities it presents
  • How the grid will be impacted by an increase in EV uptake
  • Trends, challenges and opportunities in the EV space



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