Best way to build an angel investment portfolio

Date: Wednesday 21 Oct 2020
Time: 8:00 am


Ambitious, driven entrepreneurs are the engines of the world’s economic development. Support in the early days is critical for these startups to flourish, and this often comes from angel investors. Angels are a crucial component of the ecosystem because they provide funds and expertise early in startups’ lives when they need it the most. Angels provide talented entrepreneurs with not just capital, but mentorship and networks too, and are able to open doors and fast track progress.

There is a level of risk involved in tech angel investing, it is different from other investing, and requires a different approach. Typical angels, start working with and investing in entrepreneurs because they are curious, they enjoy helping start and grow new companies. Asset allocation and portfolio strategy are not always serious considerations as we made our first few investments.

But how does an angel investor build their portfolio? Do you need a broad spectrum of investments? We’ve asked Trevor Folsom (Investible), Ariane Barker (Scale Investors), and Luke Fay (Artesian) to help answer these and other questions about angel investment portfolios:

  • How to build your portfolio?
  • How much should you invest in your portfolio?
  • How many startups should you engage?