Pathways to Investment: Program 3 (LaunchVic)

Date: Tuesday 16 Apr 2019
Time: 12 - 5pm
Location: Melbourne
Cost: N/A

These coaching sessions are designed to prepare and equip founders with knowledge and tools to effectively engage investors and achieve greater fundraising success.

“Starting a new business with a unique technology and global aspirations is infinitely complex and absolutely exhausting at times. I feel though with the knowledge and expanded network I have gained from Innovation Bay and the program partners, I am far better positioned than I would have been otherwise” Luke Percy-Dove, Risk Dynamyx (Cohort 1)

The 6 week program will be delivered in 4 workshops, a 1-on-1 mentoring session, plus Founder Dinner pitch event. Each session will be delivered by experts from our mentoring team and will explore a crucial area vital for investment success. You must be a Victorian-based startup to be considered for this program.

Apply to be part of the program, here:

Program Outline

Week 1: How to craft your investment pitch: This session will guide founders on how to effectively tell their story and present their business as a compelling investment opportunity to make investors say ‘yes’

Week 2: Understanding investors: Meet the investors, hear from them first hand what they look for in early stage founders.

Week 3: Getting your business investment ready (Delivered by the KPMG): Helping founders identify the financing plan they need to fuel growth. What they will need to prepare to demonstrate their business is functional and stable to ensure productive conversations with investors.

Week 4: Practice Makes a Pitch Perfect: The final session before the dinner will be an opportunity for the founders to practice their pitch to a panel of experts, who will be there to critique and give feedback on the pitches.

Week 5: The Founder Dinner: The Founder Dinner will see 5 of the startup founders pitch to the Innovation Bay ‘difference makers; that’s investors, connectors and champions who can offer funding, advice or introductions to the startups.

Week 6: 1-on-1 Mentoring Session: The weeks following the Founder Dinner we’ll host final one-on-one session with each founder. It will be an opportunity to assess how their pitch went, review the feedback/insights, and help them to sort and prioritise the leads generated the Founder Dinner.

The program is part of LaunchVic’s founder education services grant. For more information on other the other great courses available visit: