The Long Shadow: Your iso guide to R&D Governance and Regulator activity

Date: Tuesday 26 May 2020
Time: 12:00pm
Location: Video Conference


Innovation Bay and KPMG High Growth Ventures have teamed up to deliver a series of fortnightly seminars to help founders with the rapidly changing government incentives landscape.

Join our host Dr Jehan Kanga (KPMG High Growth Ventures) an expert in R&D tax, Grants, and Early Stage Innovation Incentives, as they demystify the changes and help you to discover which funding avenues you can explore.

We’ll be exploring future changes in R&D Legislation and Regulator Activity and speaking to founders and investors who have been through the process of a regulator review to give you an insight for what to expect. We’ll also look through some case studies and discuss how Governance impacts on your exit strategy and series valuations.

– Future changes in R&D legislation
– How is AusIndustry undertaking reviews?
– Governance required to prepare for regulator reviews
– Realtime Governance examples and Case Studies
– Impact on your Exit Strategy and Valuation