Who sets valuation and deal terms?

Date: Wednesday 28 Oct 2020
Time: 8:00 am
Location: Hopin.to

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Hear two presentations about the differences from a founder and an investor on who sets the valuation and deal terms?
Founder, Rory San MiguelPropeller Aero raised a series B round of $18m in June of this year. Rory has been through the process of setting the valuation and deal terms on a number of occasions. VC, Melissa Widner recently took over as CEO, Lighter Capital. She’s worked with many VC’s and helped to set the valuation and deal terms for investment.
We’ll hear two presentations, as they lay out how a founder and an investor set the valuation and deal term process. After the presentations Ian will discuss the similarities and differences in the thought process. At this time Ian will take audience questions.
Then our two speakers will move to separate break out sessions where we will continue the discussion. Rory will continue the discussion with a focus on Seed and series A and Melissa will discuss later stage and raising more.
We look forward to you joining us to learn all about setting valuation and deal terms.

Meet the panel:
Rory San Miguel cofounded Propeller Aero in 2014. The startup sells software for high-accuracy GPS drone surveying. It is mainly used to aid construction companies track large areas of land and investigate hazards without endangering anyone. The enterprise partnered with global drone leader DJI to sell its software and hardware alongside DJI drones. Propella Aero has offices in Sydney and Denmark.

Melissa Widner, is an experienced founder, CEO, investor and board member. Lighter Capital is the pioneer and leading provider of revenue-based financing to SAAS companies. Prior to Lighter Capital Melissa worked with NAB Ventures, SeaPoint Ventures, and 7Software and Northwest Supply. In 2010, Melissa co-founded Heads Over Heels, an organisation that works with female entrepreneurs leading companies with high growth potential.