A community for ambitious early (seed) stage founders

Canopy is committed to supporting founders to create long lasting businesses.

We believe in empowering others with the knowledge of what lies ahead.

A collaborative, confidential environment where members can share closed-door, peer-to-peer conversations.

This is the most critical stage of a startup, the Valley of Death: from seed to Series A.

You need support and to be surrounded by others going through similar challenges, who will also join in celebrating you and your successes.

“I have really enjoyed our clan sessions and getting to know the community.  As a solo founder, it has been amazing to be surrounded by other founders who have all this amazing knowledge and connections, just what I need at the moment.”

– Kym Hunter | Founder of Champion Life

“From early in our startup journey, Innovation Bay has been an important part of our growth.  Through two investment rounds, we have secured the majority of our investors through the IB community, and it has been an invaluable source of guidance and direction for us from more experienced founders.  Founding a startup can be pretty lonely at times, and being a community like Canopy for seed stage startup founders is a no-brainer and long overdue.

– James Baker | Co-Founder of Varicon

You’re never alone

Surround yourself with other top early stage founders in Australia.

Get answers to your questions sooner, hear how others have navigated similar challenges in their journey, and celebrate your milestones with others who truly ‘get it’

We are rooting for your success and are always on the lookout for connections and opportunities that will propel you towards growth

Peer driven knowledge

Sharing experiences and not advice is at the heart of Canopy. We vet founders and place them amongst 8-10 others in forum groups. 

Lifelong relationships

We build a safe place for founders to feel comfortable sharing openly. We create an environment for founders to feel comfortable sharing their own experiences.

Unique experiences

We craft a yearly calendar of events, facilitating unique and immersive experiences built around the needs of seed stage founders to accelerate your success.


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