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Ashik Ahmed is the Co-Founder, CEO, and CTO of Deputy, a workforce management software platform. Deputy seeks to simplify shift work for hundreds of thousands of customers around the globe. Ashik is a genuine, open, and honest CEO with a multitude of insights on the founder journey.

Ashik is back on Open the Pod Bay Doors to discuss…

  • The difficulties Deputy faced during the pandemic and how they overcame them
  • How Deputy adapted to place more of a focus on the healthcare industry
  • Deputy’s recent rebranding and how it came to be
  • The concept of “clocked-in for the customer”
  • The startup landscape in Australia and how COVID-19 has impacted it
  • How he is largely driven by courage & compassion

...and much more!

Quickfire Recommendations

  • Books: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight
  • Podcast: The Tim Ferriss Show
  • New Source: Facebook video
  • App: WiZ App
  • Favourite Tech CEO: Jeff Bezos (Amazon)
  • Productivity Tool: Screen time on iPhone, turning notifications off
  • TV Show: The Playbook
  • Ted Talk Topic: “Being selfless and owning that selflessness”


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