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James Ferguson is the CEO and co-founder of Immutable, a platform that provides scalable blockchain infrastructure for video games. James is a driven founder with a growth mindset that has led Immutable to build a staff of 100 and raise $20m. James and his brother/co-founder, Robbie Ferguson, have been featured on the ‘Forbes 30 under 30’ list for their impressive work in growing and scaling Immutable.

Ian sits down with James to discuss…

  • His journey to founding Immutable
  • The process of recruiting a successful team
  • Building a team culture centred around a growth mindset
  • The gaming industry as a whole
  • Immutable operating in a carbon-neutral way
  • The history and future of NFTs

...and more!

Quickfire Recommendations

  • Book: The Three Body Problem trilogy by Liu Cixin
  • Podcast: The Tim Ferriss Show
  • News Source: Stratechery by Ben Thompson, Matt Levine newsletter in Bloomberg
  • Tech CEO: Patrick Collison (Stripe) & Sam Bankman-Fried (FTX Exchange)
  • App: Deliveroo
  • Productivity Tool: Polymail (a tool to tackle email)
  • TV Show: Drive to Survive
  • Ted Talk Topic: “what it means for the world in 10 years if we have programmable immutable digital assets”

Immutable is hiring! Check out the open roles here.

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