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Lauren Hall is the Founder and CEO of iVvy, a venue and event management software company. Prior to founding iVvy, Lauren worked across a variety of industries including clothing, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, and technology. Lauren is a tenacious founder with an indomitable spirit; her story is one of talent, hustle, resilience, and success.

Lauren & Ian discuss a wide array of topics including…

  • How Taekwondo impacts several areas of Lauren’s business and life
  • Growing up in South Africa and how it sparked Lauren’s desire to immigrate to Australia
  • The process of healing post tragedy and trauma
  • Lauren’s introduction into the events industry and how iVvy came to be
  • How Lauren successfully led iVvy through COVID
  • The ways in which COVID has impacted the events industry
  • Preparation for iVvy’s upcoming IPO
  • The existence of hybrid events and the future of the events industry

...and more!

Quickfire Recommendations:

  • Book: Scale or Fail by Allison Maslan
  • Podcast: The Joe Rogan Experience
  • Tech CEO: Mike Cannon-Brookes & Scott Farquhar (Atlassian)
  • App: Slack
  • Productivity Tool:
  • TV Show: Bloomberg, Dragons’ Den
  • Ted Talk Topic: “The courage, the resilience, and the endurance around delivering success within a person’s world and what it actually takes to be successful.”

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