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Sam Kroonenburg is the CEO and Founder of A Cloud Guru, a disruptive online learning platform for cloud certification and training. A Cloud Guru has recently been acquired by Pluralsight, a US company, in the largest-ever acquisition of an Australian software company. The story of A Cloud Guru is an amazing example of product-market fit and successfully getting the product into the hands of the customers who need it most.

Sam has an extensive background in software development; he spent years at Microsoft as a Software Design Engineer. Sam also spent time honing his software development skills at Kiandra IT, where he worked as a Software Development Lead and a Software Development Manager.

During their chat, Ian & Sam discuss…

  • Sam’s extensive background in software development
  • Working in an ever-changing industry
  • Engaging customers through education
  • The natural progression of adding B2B services
  • The process of negotiations that led to the acquisition by Pluralsight
  • The unique set of challenges A Cloud Guru faced in raising funds and hiring
  • Creating consistency through shared values among employees

...and more!

Quickfire Recommendations

  • Book: Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari
  • Podcast: Lex Fridman podcast
  • News source: Ars Technica, The Age, The Washington Post, WSJ
  • Tech CEO: Elon Musk (Tesla)
  • App: Calm
  • Productivity tool: Superhuman Email
  • TV show: The West Wing
  • Ted Talk Topic: “The future of education and work” or “the biggest and most exciting ideas in physics”

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