8 June, 2017

E01 Daniel Petre – Airtree Ventures

Daniel is one of the most successful Venture Capitalists in Australia. He is a founder of Airtree Ventures, a technology-focused venture capital company. Prior to Airtree Ventures he was the Founding Chairman of netus (a technology investment company acquired by Fairfax Media in 2013) and prior to this role he founded Australia’s largest internet investment company, ecorp. The returns to investors from all of these funds were nothing short of extraordinary – eg Netus invested in and exited nine companies over a six-year period, delivering a 4x cash-on-cash return to investors. 

Prior to that he held several senior executive roles with Microsoft, including reporting to Bill Gates and running the APAC region for Microsoft. 

He was recently appointed to the federal government’s “Innovation and Science Australia” Board. He is a noted and vocal philanthropist, and currently serves on the Sydney Theatre Company Board and the advisory boards for the UNSW Australia Business School and the University of Sydney Medical School. He is also an adjunct professor at the Business School of the University of Sydney and the Business School of UNSW Australia.

Daniel is incredibly smart and articulate. And he has been known to be quite opinionated.  He’s also a remarkable predictor of the future.

Delighted that Daniel was my first guest. Enjoy and please let me know your feedback.

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