1 August, 2021

E120 – Adam Boyle, Pegasus

Adam Boyle is the CEO of Newcastle-based Pegasus, a competency management software and services organisation. Adam joined Pegasus as a General Manager in 2007 and became CEO in 2010, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role. Pegasus was recently acquired by U.S. company Avetta; the deal was finalised last week after receiving regulatory approval.
During their chat, Ian & Adam discuss many topics including…

  • The transition of Pegasus from a labor hire company to a tech company
  • Pegasus’s recent acquisition by Avetta and how it came to be
  • The benefits and challenges of running a Newcastle-based tech organisation
  • Pegasus operating with a growth mindset
  • Managing the tension between sales and development
  • …and more!

Quickfire Recommendations

  • Book: The Next Element by Andy Allen
  • Podcast: How I Built This
  • News Source: The Newcastle Herald, AFR, The Australian
  • Favourite Tech CEO: Ryan Smith (Qualtrics)
  • Favourite App: HeyYou
  • Productivity Tool: Coffee
  • Favourite TV Show: Loki, The Footy Show
  • Ted Talk Topic: “How my broken leg at 22 became the means for me to change my life”

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