18 October, 2021

E126 – Nicky Jackson, RangeMe

Nicky Jackson is the founder and CEO of RangeMe, a product discovery and sourcing platform that allows retailers and suppliers to connect. RangeMe owns and dominates within the United States market, where they currently have 200,000 active suppliers and 10,000 retail buyers in their network. RangeMe works with over 75% of leading US-based retailers.

Nicky has spent several years working for large multinational companies, bringing brands to market. RangeMe was founded in 2013 after Nicky developed her own skincare range and found it difficult to get a foot in the door at major retailers. She recognised this pain point and sought to create a platform that could seamlessly connect retailers and brands to one another. Nicky’s story is an amazing one of tenacity, hustle, product focus, and team culture.
Ian and Nicky discussed a broad range of topics, including…

  • The challenge of securing funding for RangeMe prior to the existence of a thriving startup ecosystem
  • The story of RangeMe’s acquisition and why they decided to go forward with it
  • Why RangeMe expanded to the US with a base in San Francisco
  • How RangeMe built an efficient team and established an effective team culture
  • The growth of the Australian startup ecosystem since RangeMe was founded
  • RangeMe’s current focus on globalising the platform

…and much more!
Quickfire Recommendations

  • Book: The Happiest Man of Earth by Eddie Jaku OAM
  • Podcast: How I Built This
  • News Source: Family group chat, LinkedIn, SMH
  • App: Smiling Mind, Spotify, Peloton app
  • Productivity Tool: Slack
  • Favourite Tech CEO: David Shein, Our Innovation Fund
  • Favourite TV Show: Looking for recommendations
  • Ted Talk Topic: “the power of going global and expansion” or “the fear of failure”

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