25 October, 2021

E127 – Steve Fanale, DriveYello

Steve Fanale is the CEO and Founder of DriveYello, a company that helps businesses provide last mile delivery service to their customers. DriveYello’s mission is becoming the smartest gig economy management platform. Steve has been an active member of the startup ecosystem since the early 2000s, before it was fully established in Australia. Steve’s story of founding and building DriveYello is one of tenacity, resilience, talent, and leadership. He is an open and passionate founder, who shares a variety of insights around his experience.
Steve and Ian discuss…

  • What Steve learned during his time as a professional sportsman
  • Steve’s varied career history and how it led him to where he is today
  • How the idea of DriveYello came to be in 2014
  • The gig economy in Australia and how gig economy businesses operate and scale
  • How DriveYello was able to enable businesses to survive during Covid-19 lockdowns
  • Steve’s experience as a Summit member and how it has provided him support
  • What is next for DriveYello

…and much more!

Quickfire Recommendations

  • Book: Fanocracy by David Meerman Scott and Reiko Scott
  • Podcast: The Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway
  • News Source: Listening to podcasts and news and doing an investigation to validate
  • App: Stake (investment app), Apple Fitness
  • Productivity Tool: Trainual
  • Favourite Tech CEO: Mike Cannon-Brookes & Scott Farquhar, Atlassian
  • Favourite TV Show: Ted Lasso
  • Ted Talk Topic: “the mental health of startup CEOs”

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