9 November, 2021

E128 – Max Cunningham, ASX

Max Cunningham is currently the Group Executive of Listings at ASX. Previously, he was the Head of Equity Capital Markets at Goldman Sachs in New York and the Director of the Macquarie Group in London. Max has a wide array of global experience and provides unique insight into the state of the Australian market.
Max and Ian discuss many topics, including…

  • The emergence and growth of the tech sector in Australia
  • Tech becoming the largest sector for issuing secondary capital
  • Why some US companies choose to list in Australia
  • The potential future of work in Australia
  • Macro-trends that could positively impact the ecosystem
  • The importance of building community

…and much more!
Quickfire Recommendations

  • Book: Benjamin Franklin by Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
  • Podcast: The Ideas Exchange Podcast, Conversations with People Who Hate Me
  • News Source: The New York Times
  • App: PhysiApp
  • Productivity Tool: “My wife”
  • Favourite Tech CEO: Richard White, WiseTech
  • Favourite TV Show: Ozark, Fauda
  • Ted Talk Topic: “The confluence of capital power and political power”

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