24 June, 2022

E140 – Dr Julio Ribeiro, Inventia Life Science

Dr Julio Ribeiro is the Co-Founder and CEO of Inventia Life Science, a deeptech, biotechnology company. Inventia build instruments for the 3D printing of biomaterials (literal living human cells) to print 3D structures or models of tumors with an ultimate aim to accelerate the drug discovery process and speed up medical research.

The impact Julio and Inventia are looking to have is life-changing. To date, the pharmaceuticals industry has spent billions of dollars in research. According to Julio, 90% of drug trials fail. Inventia’s technology reduces the pipeline of unsuccessful drugs, speeding up the process of getting those that do work onto the market.

Inventia have to date raised $35million with the likes of Blackbird, Skipp Capital, Main Sequence and angels as investors. The top 10 pharmaceutical companies globally already utilise the technology, with labs all across the world and a global waitlist eager to use the technology. The current funds and next few years will see Inventia exploring the market and scaling up, increasing their production facilities, and expanding their sales force in US and Europe and team globally.

Quickfire Round 

  • Book: Carl Yeung – Memories, Dreams and Reflections
  • Podcast: The Economist
  • News Source: YouTube, French 24 Channel
  • Tech CEO: Jamsetji Tata
  • Productivity Tool: Confluence, Jira
  • App: WhatsApp, YouTube
  • TV Show: Life is a movie – doesn’t watch TV or movies
  • Ted Talk Topic: What we can do to improve medical research with the right balance between regulations and safety.

Inventia Life Science are on the lookout for talent in the fields of biology, software engineering and always welcome interns. Head to https://inventia.life/ for more information.

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