26 September, 2022

E147 – Angela Clark, Co founder of Wallet Nation

Joining us for E147 is Angela Clark, Co Founder of Wallet Nation. Angela is a specialist in business transformation, customer experience, innovation and digital platforms. Angela’s experience spans multiple industries, customer segments and services, across education, media, payments and financial services. 

Angela has previously led companies as a CEO and Managing Director, founded her own start-ups and led transformation of divisions and customer strategy within larger companies.

Tune in to hear Ian deep dive into Angela’s fascinating career journey plus so much more as the pair cover off topics such as:
– The transition from corporate to start up
– Wallet Nation: How was it founded, where is it at currently and what is the vision
– Crypto Winter and the evolution of blockchain and web3
– The benefits of being apart of a community

Quickfire Round
Book – Cloudstreet by Tim Winton
News source – NY Times
Tech CEO – Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia
Best productivity tool –  Weeding tools for the garden
TV show – ESP News
Tedx talk – Importance of citizens taking active interest in media and how it affects society.

Angela is also an Innovation Bay member and part of the Canopy Community. You can contact Angela via LinkedIn.

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