22 November, 2022

E151 – Mark Tanner, Co-Founder and COO, Qwilr

Mark Tanner is the Co-Founder and COO of Qwilr – an online platform that allows the customer to easily create visually compelling sales and marketing collateral at speed. The aim is to deliver a better buyer experience by combining content, price quotes, e-sign, and sales transactions into a single, mobile-friendly webpage. It’s the ultimate productivity boost for sales and marketing teams, with automation, analytics, code-free design and collaboration capability, all in one platform.

In this episode we hear abouts Mark’s passion for politics and study of History, Government & International Relations at Sydney University. How Google poached him from a startup to help launch Google Play Books, Google Play Magazines & Google Newsstand. Returning from a couple of years in New York we learn how reconnecting with old school friend Dylan Baskind led to the creation of Qwirl.

Ian and Mark discuss Qwilr’s journey and deep dive into Mark’s expertise in sales and go-to-market plan. Tune in to hear more on:

  • Choosing a company name and re-branding
  • Founder-led sales, the importance of a sales team 
  • Building and scaling your team
  • Fundraising process
  • International expansion
  • The hardest and best parts of building a startup

Quick fire round:

  • Book – ‘How Will You Measure Your Life’, Clayton Christensen
  • Podcast – Acquired
  • News Source – Twitter
  • App – Twitter
  • Tech CEO – Joe Thomas, Loom
  • Productivity Tool – Loom
  • TV Show – White Lotus 
  • Ted Talk Topic – ‘The journey of sales’ or ‘wisdom on how to measure your life

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