11 January, 2023

E155 – Sunrise – Part 3

On November 10 and 11, Sunrise, Australia’s leading ideas and innovation festival run by our friends at Blackbird, returned to Sydney for their most ambitious event since its inception in 2014. Taking over Sydney’s iconic Carriageworks, Sunrise opened its doors, inviting around 1,000 of its closest pals, all primed to explore the optimism and wonder of human achievement. 

Armed with a microphone, and less a wisdom tooth (which was removed around halfway through the festival – by a professional dentist), Innovation Bay’s Co-Founder and familiar host of Open The Pod Bay Doors, Ian Gardiner, tapped 21 people on the shoulder for series of pow wows about business, innovation, a retrospective at what has got them to now, a fast forward of what’s to come for our industry and what’s exciting them, and of course…what they’re hearing, seeing and feeling at Sunrise. 

Part 3 features an admirable group of people including:

– Flavia Tata Nardini (Fleet Space Technologies)
– Andy Tsao (Silicon Valley Bank)
– Matthew Pearson (Fleet Space Technologies and Airspeeder)
– Lucy Wark (Normal)
– Tim Moore (Investor)
– Matt Allen (Tractor Ventures)
– Alex McCauley (Tech Council of Australia)

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