9 March, 2023

E159 – Anuj Goel, Head of Technology Sector and Executive Director, Macquarie Capital 

Our guest this week is Anuj Goel, Head of Technology Sector and Executive Director at Macquarie Capital. 

Anuj joined Macquarie’s Technology, Media, Entertainment and Telecommunications (TMET) team in 2006 following a short period working as an actuarial consultant.​

Today, Anuj focuses on helping Technology companies with M&A, IPO, trade sales, capital raising and other strategic priorities. In addition, Anuj is actively involved in Macquarie’s principal investing activities having been involved with companies such as Seek, oOh!media, PEXA and Temple & Webster. ​Leading a team of 22 staff across advisory and investment, some days Anuj will be solving complex problems with a large ASX company – the next – helping a Series A company think about their growth and investments. 

Anuj and his team have a broad technology coverage across online businesses, classifieds, FinTech and software, and are building capabilities in emerging sectors like AgTech.

Ian and Anuj discuss a number of topics including: 

  • Macroeconomics and a potential continuation of a flat economy
  • Trends in the tech debt market and how corporates are going after growth 
  • The difference between VC and PE and the relationship between them  
  • Pre-planning for the IPO market 
  • Investment opportunities in AI

And so much more! 

Quickfire Round: 
Book: Total Recall – Arnold Schwarzenegger Biography 
Podcast: Alan Watts on YouTube
News Source: Letter of Intent, AFR 
App: YouTube, Outlook 
Tech CEO: all CEOs bring different things, Shemara Wikramanayake (Chief Executive Officer of Macquarie Group) is inspirational. 
Productivity App: n/a 
TV: Carl Pilkington 
Ted Talk: How do you find your purpose? 

Learn more about Macquarie Capital HERE 
Connect with Anuj Goel HERE 

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