20 March, 2023

E160 – Anna Podolsky, Founder & CEO, Lyka

Did you know that dogs get cancer at the highest rate of any mammal in the world? Or that 80% of dogs get dental disease? How about that 50% of cats and dogs are overweight or obese? Pretty startling statistics, right? 

Well, Anna Podolsky, Founder & CEO of direct to customer pet wellness business, Lyka, is on a mission to make our furry friends healthier and live longer, more fulfilled lives. Named after Anna’s 14 year old border collie, the concept for the business was borne when Lyka showed signs of being unwell and, after not recognising any of the ingredients in her generic food, began cooking for her fur baby. 

Lyka employs 160 staff – doubling almost every 6 months – each with a deep love and care for animals. The company has so far raised $40 million in funds and has created 15 million meals for their loyal and very sticky customer base of furry friends and pet parents. 

Ian and Anna cover a range of topics including: 

  • Building the foundations for business success as a management consultant at Bain 
  • Traveling around the world with a border collie 
  • Practicing 10 thousand hours of gymnastics 
  • Her Dad’s kitchen as first production facility 
  • The importance of building a purpose-led culture 

And lots more… 

Quickfire Round:
Book: The Power of Moments – Chip Heath, Dan Heath 
Podcast: Masters of Scale 
News Source: Morning Brew 
App: Headspace 
Tech CEO: Bob Iger 
Productivity Tool: Remember The Milk 
TV Show: The Block (guilty pleasure) 
TED Talk Topic: Kibble is the new cigarette

Get In Touch: 
Lyka are always recruiting, check out their open roles: https://lyka.com.au/careers 
Have a pup and ready to make the switch? Head to: https://lyka.com.au/ Connect with Anna on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anna-podolsky/

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