31 March, 2023

E161 – Alan Tsen, IAG Firemark Collective, Head of fmX

Our guest this week is Fintech expert Alan Tsen, Head of fmX, IAG’s corporate accelerator program. 

Currently in the middle of its fifth season, fmX invites 8 startup companies per cohort to engage in a 12 week program giving participants a unique opportunity to learn how to infiltrate their product successfully into the insurtech ecosystem. 

Across the entirely free program, participants gain hugely valuable knowledge through training and face to face workshops to learn how to structure and position their businesses while giving them access to internal technical and design outlets to explore insurance use cases. One unique element of fmX is the potential for startups to partner with IAG. 

With an enviable resume which includes practicing international tax law, a tenure as the GM of Stone & Chalk Melbourne, Chair and board member of Fintech Australia and Director of Revenue for startup Chipper Cash, Alan is also a lover of fine wine, even studying to become a sommelier, and writes a hugely knowledgeable Fintech newsletter Fintech Radar.   

Quickfire Round 
– Book: Unreasonable Hospitality, Will Guidara 
– Podcast: Got Somme – Aussie wine podcast 
– News Source: Twitter 
– App: Tana, Oura 
– Tech CEO: Andy Grove  
– TV Show: Ru Paul’s Drag Race
– TEDTalk Topic: The State of Fintech in Africa  

While recruitment for the next season of fmX won’t officially kick off until October this year, Alan is always on the lookout for startups with amazing ideas that might fit the fmX mould. Get in touch with Alan [email protected] or follow along on Twitter @alantsen.

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