13 July, 2023

E165 – Silvija Martincevic, CEO & Board Director, Deputy

This week’s special guest is Silvija Martincevic, CEO & Board Director of Deputy. Silvija is a passionate advocate for purpose-driven companies and brings a wealth of experience to Deputy from her background in socially responsible investing and previous roles at Groupon.

Deputy, founded over a decade ago, is a leading company specialising in smart scheduling and workforce management. Their software solution is used by over 1.3 million shift workers in more than 100 countries, empowering 330,000 businesses with tools for compliance and communication.

Silvija’s journey from Croatia to the United States, combined with her experience in socially responsible investing, has shaped her leadership approach. She aims to take Deputy to new heights by creating a more flexible and transparent workplace for hourly workers.

Deputy’s mission is to become a global platform for hourly workers, providing technology solutions to increase productivity and engagement. Despite the significant number of hourly workers in the world, there is a lack of tailored technology tools for them. Deputy is addressing this gap, currently serving over 1.5 million hourly workers and 330,000 workplaces.

Silvija’s insights on responsible scaling, company culture, and bridging the gap between employers and hourly workers are valuable for understanding Deputy’s approach. Their focus on diversity and exploration of AI to improve workforce management and customer support are also noteworthy.

Quickfire Round:
Book: Leading Lightly by Jody Michael
Podcast: Pivot with tech journalist Kara Swisher and NYU Professor Scott Galloway
News Source: Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Fortune, CNN, Buzzfeed, The Australian 
App: Spotify 
CEO: Alison Deans
Productivity Tool: WhatsApp 
TV Show: Working: What We Do All Day (Barack Obama) 
TEDTalk Topic: Resilience and grit  

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