3 May, 2024

E176 – Clive Burcham, Founder Compadres, Founding Partner, Global Citizen

E176 – Clive Burcham, Founder Compadres, Founding Partner, Global Citizen

Our guest for episode 176 is Clive Burcham, a highly influential, philanthropic and impact driven individual. Clive is one of the founding partners of Global Citizen, $46bn New York based juggernaut whose mission is to end extreme poverty. He is also the founder of what he terms a “side hustle” called Compadres, where he works with founders and CEOs to help them achieve “a better life, a better business, a better you”. 

From growing up in a beef and dairy farming family in regional West Australia, to jumping into TV at 15 and becoming a media executive at the age of 25, to moving to New York to run the Search for a Supermodel television show and working with leading advertising, design and branding agencies. Clive’s life has been varied and rich with experiences. 

Armed with a whole lot of technical knowledge from his time in NY, Clive moved back to Australia to undercut the local advertising industry to create better quality creative and content for clients. Taking his company from zero to hero in just 3 years, Clive sold a large stake to leading advertising holding company WPP, later buying it back to rebuild it. 

With a penchant for giving, a captivating and wise mind, a values-led existence, and a heart of gold, Clive has founded and aligned himself with organisations that aim to make better and illuminate the human experience. “We’re put on this earth to make a difference to other people and to live in a community and be connected,” he says. 

Tune in to learn of Clive’s fascinating journey, one we could all take a leaf from! 

Quickfire Round: 
Book: ‘Who Not How’, Dan Sullivan 
Podcast: Your Move with Andy Stanley 
News Source: Reuters 
Productivity Tool: Calendar 
CEO: Dan White, Luke Harris, Steven Marks  
App: Instagram 
TV Show: WeCrashed 
TEDTalk Topic: How do we use our power to influence good  

Get in touch with Clive at https://wearecompadres.com and follow along on Instagram @wearecompadres

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