22 April, 2022

E177 – Blackbird’s Sunrise 24 (Part 1) Ft. Adam Gilmour, Kristen Durham, Tova Angsuwat, Bronwen Clune

A few weeks back Blackbird held their annual conference Sunrise – a festival and celebration of the the startup ecosystem in Australia; or as Ian describes it “real life LinkedIn”. 

Our fearless Co-Founder, host of Open The Pod Bay Doors, and arguably one of the most connected humans in the ecosystem, Ian Gardiner, took the studio on the road. 

Ian chatted to 9 incredible speakers who featured on Sunrise’s epic line up, to pick their brains on their area of expertise and the industry at large. 

During part 1, you’ll hear from: 

  • Adam Gilmour, Gilmour Space Technologies – discussing the challenges in the space industry, Gilmore Space’s upcoming first orbit launch and future plans including reusable rockets and lunar missions (SO COOL!)
  • Kristen Durham, Zendesk – about her recent promotion, the integration and future AI in Zendesk’s customer support strategy
  • Tova Angsuwat, Series Build (ex-Google) – about her transition from Google to founding Series Build, insights on effective recruitment strategies for startups, and the importance of diversity in startup teams.
  • Bronwen Clune, Capital Brief – on her background and shift to Capital Brief (one of the newest and fastest growing tech and innovation focused media outlets), about Capital Brief’s mission to cover the new economy, and the challenges and highlights in startup journalism. 

It’s a mixed bag of brilliant minds, set against the backdrop of the electrifying hum of Sunrise 2024. 

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