11 June, 2024

E178 – Blackbird’s Sunrise 24 (part 1) Ft. Karl Durrance, Dr. Kate Mason, John McDuling, Maxine Minter, Kevin Jochelson

Join us for part 2 of our “studio on the road” at Sunrise, Blackbird’s annual festival of the startup ecosystem.

Armed with his roving podcast mic, Innovation Bay’s Co-Founder and podcast host, Ian Gardiner, was lucky enough to tap the mind’s of some of Sunrise’s stellar speakers. 

During this ep, you’ll hear from:

🌅 Karl Durrance, Stripe – discusses Stripe’s mission to increase the GDP of the internet, it’s broad customer base from startups to large enterprises, and the challenges and strategies in the financial infrustructure space.

🌅 Kate Mason, PhD, Hedgehog + Fox – shares her career journey from Google to founding her own firm, insights on effective communication and power dynamics, and details of her Sunrise talk about how confidence is actually unhelpful and authenticity is powerful!

🌅 John McDuling, Capital Brief – chats through the challenges and successes of launching a new media outlet, Capital Brief’s focus on the new Australian economy and providing valuable intelligence, and the subscription model and importance of quality journalism.

🌅 Maxine Minter, Co Ventures – discusses her solo GP fund, their focus on pre-seed investments and accelerating companies internationally, and some quality insights on what makes a successful founder and investor.

🌅 Kevin Jochelson, Upsize & Tech Rooport – shares his approach to helping startups scale and the importance of distribution, the impact of AI on startups, and winning the debate at Sunrise on whether investment success us nice skill than luck.

Tune in for many many more nuggets from the mind’s of this all star line up. 

This podcast episode is brought to you by Vanta.

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