11 June, 2020

E86 – Leigh Jasper, Aconex

Leigh Jasper is the co-founder and CEO of Aconex, the world’s most widely used cloud collaboration platform for construction, engineering and infrastructure projects. Aconex was acquired by Oracle in 2018 for $1.6B. Leigh started the business back in 2000 with school friend Rob Philpot, after working at McKinsey & Company where he consulted for clients in the financial services, media and information technology sectors. The duo founded Aconex with the view of transforming the construction industry and raised a $1.6M seed round pre-product. Leigh is now an active angel investor with over 20 investments in tech startups.

In this episode, Leigh discusses:-Managing the co-founder relationship-The value of an executive coach-Advice for businesses managing through COVID-19, drawing from his dot-com bubble and GFC experiences-The journey of building and growing Aconex-Tried and tested fundraising lessons for founders

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