14 July, 2020

E88 – Vuki Vujasinovic, Sling & Stone

We’re joined this week by Vuki Vujasinovic, Founder & CEO of global PR and communications agency Sling & Stone. The agency has quite the rockstar client roster; some current clients in the US, AU and NZ include Twitter, Uber, Xero, Hubspot, CultureAmp, Slack, Stripe, CSIRO, Domain…the list goes on. The agency launched in 2010 and exclusively works with disrupters, challengers, and entrepreneurs, helping tell their story to the world with comms campaigns that blend tech and creativity.
In this chat with Ian, Vuki talks about…

  • Launching the agency at the age of 23
  • The process of slowly growing the business over the past 10 years
  • Encouraging entrepreneurial instincts within his team
  • The process of growing with startup clients
  • How sometimes the job requires him to be like a VC when selecting early stage clients
  • Advice for companies on how to alter communications in a crisis like COVID-19

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