21 July, 2020

E89 – Stephen Thompson, Brandon Capital Partners

Stephen Thompson is a founding partner and managing director of Brandon Capital Partners, the largest life science healthcare fund in Australasia. Brandon Capital raised their first fund in 2007 with the mission of commercializing Australian medical research. Stephen and his co-founder noticed that Australia was home to loads of world-class medical research but didn’t have the weight of local capital to bring projects through to market, so they stepped in in to provide the funding and expertise to get ideas out of the lab and into the global market.
In this episode, Ian speaks with Stephen about…

  • Shifting from technical work in product development and immunology research to investing
  • The story of how Brandon Capital came to be
  • An overview of the Brandon Capital portfolio
  • The incubation model the firm uses to identify and commercialise research
  • The process of building a highly trained team

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