16 December, 2021

OTPBD Deep Dive: The Australian Startup Salary Guide

Ian sits down with Hugo Bieber, Partner at Think & Grow, and Jacqui Tucker, Head of Employment, Taxes & Reward, Enterprise, KPMG, to discuss the 2021-2022 Australian Startup Salary Guide by Think & Grow and KPMG High Growth Ventures. Supported by Tech Council of Australia, the guide was produced with 20 leading VCs, surveying over 3,000 positions across 140 companies and is designed for startups looking to recruit and retain the best talent in the ecosystem. The panel discusses a variety of topics around recruiting, attracting, paying, rewarding, and motivating talent.
Ian and panel discuss the guide in detail, including…

  • The need for the salary benchmarking guide within the startup ecosystem
  • Difference in salary ranges between early stage startups and later stage startups
  • The importance of transparency within the market
  • How ESOPs can be used for attraction and retention
  • The great resignation and what it means for Australian companies
  • The trend toward flexible work arrangements

…and more!
Download the 2021-2022 Australian Startup Salary Guide here: Salary Guide (thinkandgrowinc.com)
For more information on KPMG High Growth Ventures, check out their website: https://www.highgrowthventures.com.au/

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