19 April, 2021

OTPBD News Special – 19th April 2021

Welcome to another edition of the OTPBD News Special, our fortnightly series analysing the news that matters for Australian and Kiwi startups.
Meet this week’s panel…

  • Dean Dorrell, Partner at Carthona Capital
  • Robyn Foyster, Director of Foyster Consulting
  • Gautam Mishra, Founder of Inkl

Topics we discuss:Canva’s massive valuation, Coinbase IPO and the future of media are all hot topics in the latest edition of the OTPBD News Special.
Our panel discusses Canva’s position as one of the fastest-growing private technology companies in history off of the heels of their latest round of funding and the impact of Coinbase’s IPO, both in the local VC market and on the future of cryptocurrency. We also talk about the shifting role of media, including Twitter’s potential acquisition of Clubhouse, Substack’s new focus on local news, and the rise of newsletters and paywalls. Some other topics include superannuation software and Peloton’s arrival in Australia.
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