19 May, 2020

OTPBD News Special – 19th May

Hello and welcome to the fourth edition of the OTPBD News Special. It’s our fortnightly podcast looking at the stories behind the headlines of the news that matters for the Australian and Kiwi startup ecosystem.
Meet this week’s panel:VC: Mike Dovey, Firemark VenturesFounder: Justin Webb, AgriWebbEcosystem: Imogen Baxter, Square Peg Capital
Topics we discuss:We discuss the flurry of new investments these past few weeks including; Doctor Anywhere, Judo Bank Qwilr, The Yield, and Verteva. We also cover Nura’s long awaited Loops hitting the market, Atlassian acquisition of Halp, the UK’s first week of zero coal power, and Twitter’s announcement that employees can work from home forever.

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