8 March, 2021

OTPBD News Special – 8th March 2021

Welcome to another edition of the OTPBD News Special, our fortnightly series analysing the news that matters for Australian and Kiwi startups.
Meet this week’s panel…

  • Roshan Ghadamian​, VC Catalyst Program Director at Wade Institute
  • Emma Weston, AgriDigital
  • Annie Parker, Microsoft

Topics we discuss:In this edition, launched on International Women’s Day, the panel starts by talking about the state of gender diversity within the Australian startup ecosystem and venture industry, where gaps exist and the work that needs to be done. The discussion then shifts to cover major headlines in tech; key topics include how blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFT) will be applied in the future and what can be learned from SpaceX dreaming big and publicly failing fast.
Ian also gives a rundown of the major fundraising rounds from within Australia and around the world, including Lexer, Bond Capital and Hopin, as well as some big steps from Aussie startups like Fireball International and Swoop Aero.
Innovation Bay is holding AI and health tech-focused pitch events this May for Horizon, our community of experienced angel investors. If you are the founder of an AI or health tech startup looking to network with angels who can offer advice, connections and capital, apply to pitch here: https://bit.ly/PitchHorizonMay
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