Dean Dorrell has a B.A. (Hons.) in Economics and had a successful initial career as a bond trader, arbitrageur and proprietary trader. He was a coder from very early days and used those skills whilst trading to formulate some of the earliest proprietary models, quant trading systems and statistical arbitrage methods in the 1990’s that led to him becoming Head of Bond Trading at Paribas in London and later joining Greenwich Capital and Greenwich Natwest. Dean made his first angel investment in 1998 and during the mid-2000’s transitioned into a VC/private equity/operating executive role with Redbus Group in London which had successful exits such as RFD to Lionsgate and Lovefilm (which was the merged entity that the Redbus founded Video Island became part of) to Amazon and was named winner of the Richard Branson sponsored Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100.

Dean moved to Australia in 2010 and became the Managing Director and an Investment Committee Member of M.H. Carnegie & Co. in 2011, primarily leading the deal team in early stage venture investments and private equity deals (largely focused on distressed real assets such as marinas and pubs).

Dean co-founded Carthona Capital in 2014 which has become one of Australia’s leading early stage venture capital companies with over $200m of FUM.