Grant followed his passion for digital media into his first role at Yahoo in 1999 and stayed through to its investment in Alibaba. He has been investing at Seed for more than 15 years, in Asia and Australia. He is trusted by founders to see opportunities during product-market fit, think out-of-the-box on strategic partnerships, and drive readiness for institutional capital rounds.

Andrea has 14 years of experience in venture capital and tech-focused investment banking across Europe, Australia and the US. Having launched two funds in overseas markets herself she’s played critical roles helping portfolio companies expand into the US, supporting initial set up and bus dev initiatives through to raising the first round of US capital.

Wendell has over 20 years of product management and software engineering experience that spans founding a telecoms apps company through to Head of Product for Confluence at Atlassian. His experience has proven invaluable to founders and plays a critical role in his ability to go deep into product strategy and accelerate paths to growth for portfolio companies.