Olympia Yarger is a farmer, CEO, innovator and leader in insect farming in Australia. Yarger founded insect farm Goterra in 2016 to manage food waste and create livestock feed using robotic, modular insect farms. The modular design means these units can be placed on-site at high-volume food waste management locations such as shopping malls, FMCG factories, intensive farming operations or waste transit stations. Goterra is currently located in Canberra, where it manages food waste for hospitals, 400 households, hotels, restaurants, schools and small businesses.

In addition to being CEO of Goterra, Yarger is also the founding Director and Chair of the Insect Protein Association of Australia. In 2018, a species of fly discovered in the Daintree Rainforest was named Hermetia olympiae in honour of Yarger’s work in building the insect farming industry in Australia.