Summit Retreat 2020

24th - 26th March 2020 | Hobart Tasmania

An exclusive member-only event

With the Summit Club we are building a collective of the most inspiring minds who share a passion for entrepreneurship and want to have an impact on the world. The Summit Retreat will gather you all together to share experiences, challenge points-of-view and unlock new insights on old perspectives. 

There are no spectators at Summit Retreat, making this an immersive experience led by you the members. You will bring an open mind and a willingness to share what’s on it, ensuring your brains and ideas be active for the full three days. Disconnecting in one of the most inspiring places on earth, immersing ourselves in deep conversations, and exploring existing ideas in different contexts. Summit Retreat is an event designed to stretch minds, bodies, and souls.

The centrepiece of this years Summit Retreat will be a day at world famous MONA. We have worked with their team to design an immersive experience that will push your imagination to its limits, but also be a bloody good day out.


We have a great couple of days planned for you. Expect to experience the best of Tasmania; food, wine, whisky, activities,  and adventure. The centrepiece of the retreat will be a full day at MONA. The MONA team has created an experience that will take us to new places both physically and mentally…fear not it will be fun!


How much will this cost?

The cost is AU$1500 (+GST)

What’s included in this?

Basically just about everything from arriving to Hobart to when you leave. So accommodation, transfers, meals, wine, and activities.

Anything not included?

Your airfare to get there.

What’s the accommodation like?

The accommodation is a mix of 3 and 4 bedroom apartments in Hobart. Our hope is that you will want to spend time hanging out with the group rather than tucked away in your rooms.

Who else is going?

This is an exclusive event – for Summit Club members only.

What if I can no longer make it?

Firstly we’d be disappointed you could no longer join us. If your circumstances change, you can receive a full refund up to 1 week before the event.

What does success for this event look like?

Our main aim is to deepen the relationships and learning among amongst the Summit Club. We want you all to have an unforgettable experience and a really good time together.