E106 – Angus Hervey, Future Crunch

Angus Hervey is a political economist and a journalist specialising in the impact of disruptive technologies on society. Angus is a champion of “intelligent optimism” and co-founder of Future Crunch, a Melbourne-based think tank of sorts dedicated to informed, optimistic thinking about tech and the opportunities that it presents. Before…

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E105 – Tim Power, Inquisitive

Tim Power is a talented, passionate, resilient founder who has co-founded and created some of the world’s largest education communities including the World Education Games, World Maths Day, Mathletics and ClickView. He is currently the cofounder and CEO of Inquisitive, the Sydney-based education startup on a mission to simplify access…

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E99 – Chris Hitchen, Inventures

Chris Hitchen is the Germany-based, Australian-born Founder and Managing Partner of Inventures. Inventures invests €100k – €500k globally in early stage tech companies and actively helps founders reach their first institutional VC Round. Chris started out as an entrepreneur; he built and sold price comparison business Getprice to News Corp,…

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E96 – David Walsh, CIM

Large buildings are both economically and environmentally costly to operate. David Walsh saw lots of data flowing in and around these inefficient buildings but there was no focus on using this data to find or fix the root causes of wastage. That’s why he founded CIM in 2013. CIM’s platform…

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E81 – Michael Pryor, Trello

Today we speak with Michael Pryor, co-founder and current Head of Trello at Atlassian. Trello was acquired by Atlassian in 2017 for $425M and stands as Atlassian’s largest-ever acquisition. Trello is one of many products developed by Fog Creek Software, a company Michael co-founded with Joel Spolsky back in 2000….

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