E104 – Matt Allen, Tractor Ventures

Today’s episode features one of Australia’s best and most prolific angel investors, Matt Allen. Matt’s portfolio includes companies like BuildKite, Practice Ignition, Spaceship, Kasada, Donesafe, Pin and Goterra. At one point or another Matt has been a software developer, founder, technical recruiter, investor and now, a CEO. Most recently, Matt…

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E98 – Melissa Widner, Lighter Capital

Today’s guest is Melissa Widner, an experienced founder, CEO, investor and board member. She very recently left NAB Ventures to join Lighter Capital, one of NAB’s portfolio companies, as CEO. Lighter Capital is the pioneer and leading provider of revenue-based financing to SAAS companies. Prior to Lighter and NAB, she…

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E81 – Michael Pryor, Trello

Today we speak with Michael Pryor, co-founder and current Head of Trello at Atlassian. Trello was acquired by Atlassian in 2017 for $425M and stands as Atlassian’s largest-ever acquisition. Trello is one of many products developed by Fog Creek Software, a company Michael co-founded with Joel Spolsky back in 2000….

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