Are you a founder or startup focused on improving the financial wellbeing of micro and small businesses?

X15 Ventures is building the next generation of solutions by unlocking new value from CommBank’s assets through partnership with the tech and innovation community. By partnering with seasoned entrepreneurs, offering them support, guidance and access to our customer base and distribution networks, X15 is not only empowering Australia’s most inspiring innovators, they’re reshaping banking as we know it.

Are you a founder or a startup focused on improving the financial wellbeing of micro and small businesses? X15 Ventures is ready to back Australia’s Best Startups to help Australian small and micro businesses bounce back in 2020. Apply to Xccelerate, powered by X15 Ventures virtual pitch event for your chance to get expert advice, get the inside view on leveraging the strengths of Australia’s largest bank and pitch for funding from X15 Ventures. 


X15 Ventures is ready to back Australia's Best Startups to help Australian small and micro businesses bounce back in 2020.

Why should you present?

  1. FUNDING – Funding and ongoing support to super-charge your growth trajectory
  2. MENTORING – Targeted advice from CBA leaders to enhance your business: tech, risk, cyber, payments, legal, compliance, data science and more
  3. RESOURCES – Access to expertise, global reach and resources from our strategic partners, Microsoft and KPMG High Growth Ventures
  4. NETWORKING – Connect with people across the country and grow your network at this 100% virtual event

To help you prepare your submission, here are a few questions we will ask:

  1. Tell us about yourself/your team and why you can successfully deliver this venture. Provide an overview of track-record, industry knowledge and team skillset.
  2. What is the competitive landscape for your product/service? Include domestic and global key players.
  3. How will X15, CommBank and our partners provide a competitive advantage to your venture?

We’re looking for startups that…

  1. Are driven by experienced entrepreneurs looking to scale their business
  2. Businesses that target micro and small business customers

Read more at or check out the recording to hear the X15 Ventures MD discuss the business in more detail. You can also follow them on LinkedIn or Instagram.

Visit their website here.