Innovation Bay Reveals Advisory Board for Series A+ Founder & CEO Community, Summit

Summit Advisory Board – L-R: Lisa Vincent (HowToo), Keaton Okkonen (, Cibby Pulikkaseri (Baraja), Lucy Lloyd (Mentoloop), Jason Hosking (Hivery)

“Being a part of Summit has had a profound impact on both me personally, and on the way in which we run Mentorloop. The organised, intimate and confidential structure of Summit creates a safe space where founders can really “go deep” with each other.”
Lucy Lloyd, Mentorloop

Innovation Bay announces the formation of an advisory board for Summit, its exclusive, highly curated community for Series A+ founders and CEOs. Our founders are the mavericks, visionaries and outliers, who are dedicated to making a positive and lasting impact in the world. 

The inaugural Summit Advisory Board is thrilled to welcome the following esteemed members: 

Cibby Pulikkaseril | Founder & CTO | Baraja
Lisa Vincent | CEO & Founder | HowToo 
Keaton Okkonen | Co-Founder & CEO |
Lucy Lloyd | Co-Founder & CEO | Mentorloop 
Jason Hosking | Co-Founder & CEO | Hivery 

Representing a cross section of the startup founder ecosystem, the Summit advisory board members include founders with businesses ranging from deeptech, education, AI, retail and mentorship, all with a tech-centric element. The diverse voices of the advisory board will play a critical role in guiding Innovation Bay’s founder community, with the ultimate goal of leveraging the collective expertise of our most innovative and engaged founders. Their roles will include providing strategic advice, giving feedback on community initiatives, and influencing the direction of the community.

Summit focuses on peer-to-peer learning and connection amongst the top tech founders in Australia and New Zealand. Founders can get answers to their questions sooner, share their challenges with others who truly ‘get it’ and celebrate their successes with others who understand the physical, mental, and emotional demands of startup life. 

Members of the advisory board share this view with Keaton Okkonen stating, “CEO is a lonely job. I see Summit as a great way to meet and stay connected to peers as well as a way for me to invest in my own development as CEO.” And Lisa Vincent adding: “One of the key impacts of Summit is the access to a community of founder superstars who are grappling with/have grappled with similar challenges is invaluable. The collective intelligence helps me move my business forward more quickly.” 

The 70 strong Summit community is split into forum groups, (7-9, location based members) which stands as the foundational cornerstone of Summit, a guiding principle since the inception of the community. Forums are where many find the genuine essence and ultimate value of Summit. It serves as a sanctuary where individuals can openly share the intricacies of their personal and professional lives with those who truly understand—currently navigating similar paths or have walked them before. 

Cibby Pulikkaseril shares his forum experience stating, “My forum has been particularly valuable, as they’ve really opened my eyes to alternate fundraising strategies, how to think about team compensation, and how to manage the tough times.” With Lucy Lloyd adding, “Being a part of Summit has had a profound impact on both me personally, and on the way in which we run Mentorloop. I’ve always been a big believer in mentoring of course, but the organised, intimate and confidential structure of Summit creates a safe space where founders can really “go deep” with each other.” 

The collective sentiment of the advisory board includes contribution, providing valuable feedback, and facilitating growth both within the Summit community and as a further acceleration into the wider ecosystem. The advisory board share their views: 

“I think groups like Summit are important for a young ecosystem, and I’d like to help make this a vibrant, necessary community,” says Cibby

“I wanted to contribute to the community that had made such a difference to me, while also helping to influence its development – so it maintains the magic that attracted me in the first place,” says Lucy 

“Summit is itself a startup. I know first-hand just how valuable user feedback can be when building great products, and I’m stoked to play a role in shaping the product both for myself and others,” finishes Keaton. 

We’re elated to welcome these distinguished founders & CEOs to help guide our founder ship into promising waters!  

Founders and CEOs eager to unlock accelerated success in 2024 through community, connection and education, can apply for Innovation Bay membership HERE

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