4 July, 2023

E164 – The Globe 2023

This week’s very special episode was recorded at our recent full community event. The Globe, hosted by Macquarie, brought together our four communities of early and later stage founders and CEOs, VCs and angel investors, to connect, learn, discuss and shape the future of our industry.

Ian sat down with five of our incredible members for this all star line up featuring:

  • Yash Varma, Founder & Partner, Empress Capital (Aurora & Horizon member)
  • Phil Morle, Partner, Main Sequence (Aurora member)
  • Georgia Barkell, Managing Partner, Sprint Ventures (Aurora member)
  • Lisa Vincent, CEO & Founder, HowToo (Summit member)
  • Alon Greenspan, Partner, Mind Ventures (Aurora member)
  • Cameron Webb, SVP of Member Experience and Managing Partner, Innovation Bay (Innovation Bay team)

With the taste of celebratory champagne at our cocktail party on their lips, Ian and our members discuss (among plenty more):

  • Their own background, progressions and evolution in the ecosystem
  • Some of the recent challenges they’ve faced
  • Their pulse on the current market and focuses in their respective roles
  • Their experiences and takeaways from this year’s incredible The Globe event
  • The benefits and why being a part of the Innovation Bay community is awesome

For more information on our events, or to apply for membership, visit innovationbay.com 

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